The Green Mile


La milla verde (Spanish Edition) Paperback – February 4, 2020

by Stephen King

Stephen King sets his novel in a penitentiary for prisoners sentenced to death, a prelude to hell that he uses to draw an X-ray of horror in its purest form.

October 1932, Cold Mountain Penitentiary. Those sentenced to death await the moment to be led to the electric chair through the corridor known as the Green Mile. The heinous crimes they have committed make them the bait of a legal system that feeds on a cycle of madness, death and revenge.

Prison guard Paul Edgecombe has seen strange things in his years working the Mile. But he has never seen anyone like John Coffey, a man with the body of a giant and the mind of a child, convicted of a crime terrifying in his violence and shocking in his depravity. And in this place where they receive the ultimate punishment, Edgecombe is about to discover the terrible and wonderful truth about Coffey, a truth that will challenge his innermost beliefs ...

The Green Mile represents a milestone in the acclaimed career of the undisputed master of contemporary horror narrative.

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