The Girl on the Beach (The Island Commissioner)


The Girl on the Beach (The Island Commissioner) 

by Anna Johannsen

Anna Johannsen has lived in North Friesland since she was a child. She loves the landscape and the people of the region, she is particularly connected to the North Frisian Islands, where the crime series "Die Inselkommissarin" takes place.

After the first case on the island of Amrum, Chief Inspector Lena Lorenzen has to go to the island of Föhr for her investigation this time.

A new highly explosive case for the island commissioner Lena Lorenzen.

Chief Inspector Lena Lorenzen accompanies the large-scale search for a fourteen-year-old girl on the North Frisian island of Föhr. The missing Maria Logener comes from an ultra-religious family and is described by everyone as unusually mature for her age. On the second day of the search, she was found on a lonely stretch of beach with her wrists cut.

Lena and her young colleague Johann Grasmann quickly suspect that it is not a question of suicide. Maria's parents are extremely uncooperative, but they are not the only ones who seem to have something to hide.

Only gradually do the commissioners penetrate deeper into the young girl's life and her secrets. Lena is convinced that this is the key to solving the case.

In addition to the professional challenge, Lena is faced with difficult decisions privately: Will she decide to live with Erck, her childhood friend, and what would moving to Amrum mean for her work at the LKA? And can she forgive her father, whom she hasn't seen in fourteen years?

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