Learning Language Tip #1: What's your purpose?

What is your purpose in learning?
There will be a language barrier and you should learn how to get around it.

Kathleen Peddicord of How to Retire Overseas said,

...You could get by without learning the language...But your experience of the place will not be the same as it would be if you made the effort to learn...their native language.
Many of us who travel yearn to be able to understand more than just the English language to communicate with natives of the countries we travel to. Some of us need to learn a second language in order to survive in another country. Some like me, also feel the need to teach a second language to their families so they can understand and be understood.

What is your purpose? Knowing what motivates you can make or break your desire to learn a language. If your purpose does not excite you about the possibilities, then you will not be motivated enough to keep learning everyday. So go for that strong purpose and follow your dreams. You may not be perfect in one year, but if you work hard for it, you will see amazing progress more quickly than you anticipated.

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