Top 10 books that will transport you to sun-kissed beaches and ancient ruins in Cyprus

If you're craving a change of scenery but don't have the luxury of jetting off to a sun-kissed beach or exploring ancient ruins in Cyprus, fear not! We've got you covered with our top 10 book recommendations that will transport you to this Mediterranean paradise without ever leaving your cozy armchair. Get ready to escape into a world filled with warm sunshine, turquoise waters, and captivating history as we take you on a virtual journey through the pages of these incredible books. So grab your sunscreen and sunglasses (or just curl up under a cozy blanket), and let's get started!

Popular books in Cyprus by

An island country located in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is a popular tourist destination for its warm climate, sandy beaches, and ancient ruins. The capital city of Nicosia is home to museums and historic buildings, while the resort town of Limassol offers luxury hotels and casinos. Paphos is known for its archaeological site containing the remains of a Roman temple, and Larnaca has a medieval castle overlooking the harbor.

Top 10 Books to Read in Cyprus

There’s something special about Cyprus. Maybe it’s the way the sun seems to shine a little brighter here. Or the way the sea beckons you to dive in and explore. Whatever it is, there’s no denying that this island has a certain je ne sais quoi. And what better way to get a taste of Cyprus than through its literature? Here are 10 books that will transport you to its sun-kissed beaches and ancient ruins:

1. Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis

Kazantzakis’ classic novel tells the story of Alexis Zorbas, a Greek migrant who goes to work in Cyprus. Through his eyes, we see the country’s natural beauty, as well as its political tensions.

2. The Girl from Kyrenia by Victoria Hislop

Hislop’s novel tells the fictionalized story of Andromache, who was sold into slavery in Egypt after her city was sacked by Alexander the Great. She eventually ends up in Cyprus, where she falls in love with a young man from Kyrenia.

3. Belonging by Amanda Holloway

Holloway’s novel is set during the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus. It follows two women – one Greek Cypriot and one Turkish Cypriot – as they flee their homes and end up finding refuge with each other.

4. The Jewels of Aphrodite by Marianne Curley

Curley’s tale follows twin sisters, Cassandra and Cleo, as they search for their father and uncover clues to a secret history of Cyprus. Along the way they discover the fabulous jewels of Aphrodite.

5. Another City by Tatsis Livadiotis

This powerful novel follows four characters – three Greeks and one Turk – living in Nicosia, who must grapple with the reality of living in a divided city. It is an ode to both old and new Cypriot culture.

6. The Book Of Kyrenia by Maria Efthymiou-Papakosta 

Kyrenia is a unique coastal town that was once home to many diverse cultures. In her book, Papakosta delves into its complex past through images and anecdotes from various generations of locals who lived there. 

7. My Grandmother's Cypress Tree by Dora Georgoussi 

Georgoussi tells a captivating true story about her grandmother who, despite growing up poor during Cyprus’ colonial period, pioneers a way out of hardship through growing olives in her backyard cypress tree .

8. Mediterranean by Edith Wharton 

Wharton’s travelogue is a beautiful first-person narrative that takes readers on a journey through the Mediterranean regions of France, Italy and Cyprus in the early 20th century.

9. Cypriot Gourmet Recipes: A Taste of the Island’s Cuisine by Ruby Tassezki 

Tassezi combines two passions – cooking and writing – to create a book that offers an insight into traditional Cypriot cuisine with recipes for delicious dishes influenced by both Greek and Turkish cultures. 

10. Playground of Europe: History of Cyprus by Steven Runciman 

Runciman’s history book is perfect for anyone interested in learning more about Cyprus, its vibrant culture and, perhaps most importantly, its complex political culture throughout history.

- Summer Roam by Rachel Denwood

If you're looking for a sun-drenched beach read, Rachel Denwood's Summer Roam is the perfect book for you. Set on the beautiful island of Cyprus, the novel follows the story of British expat Allegra as she navigates her new life in a foreign country. From exploring ancient ruins to tasting traditional Cypriot food, Summer Roam is an immersive and captivating read that will transport you to another place.

- The House at the Edge of Night by Catherine Banner

The House at the Edge of Night by Catherine Banner is a historical fiction novel set on the fictional island of Castellamare. The novel follows the lives of the island's residents from the early 20th century to the present day. The book was inspired by Banner's own ancestors, who were from Castellamare. 

The House at the Edge of Night is a story about love, family, history, and community. It is a beautiful and moving novel that will transport readers to sun-kissed beaches and ancient ruins in Cyprus.

- The Sunrise Land by Nicholas Henry

In The Sunrise Land, Nicholas Henry tells the story of a young woman, Aliki, who is taken from her family in Cyprus and forced into marriage with a man she barely knows. Through her eyes, we see the beauty and brutality of life on the island, as well as the strength of the human spirit.

Aliki is a vivid character who comes alive on the page, and her story will stay with you long after you turn the last page. If you're looking for a book that will transport you to another place and time, The Sunrise Land is a great choice.

- An Accounting of Light by Rebecca E. Marshall

Rebecca E. Marshall's An Accounting of Light is a beautifully written and heart-wrenching novel set in Cyprus during the height of the country's economic recession. The novel follows the story of two sisters, Anna and Elena, who are forced to confront their differences when their father dies and their mother falls ill. As they grapple with their new reality, the sisters must also contend with the ghosts of their past, which threaten to tear them apart.

An Accounting of Light is a powerful and moving novel about family, love, loss, and redemption. It is a story that will stay with you long after you turn the last page.

- The Promise of Dawn by Sanem Ozdural

The Promise of Dawn by Sanem Ozdural is set in the picturesque country of Cyprus and tells the story of two women who are drawn to each other despite their different backgrounds.

One is a young Cypriot woman named Lale, who is trying to find her place in the world and searching for love. The other is a Turkish woman named Elif, who is struggling to come to terms with her own identity.

The novel explores the themes of identity, love, and loss, and features beautiful descriptions of Cyprus's landscape and culture. It's a moving and unforgettable story that will stay with you long after you've finished reading it.

- Through the Fire: A Novel by Andrea Miller

If you're looking for a book that will transport you to sun-kissed beaches and ancient ruins, look no further than Andrea Miller's Through the Fire. The novel follows the story of Lara, a young woman who is trying to find her place in the world after the death of her father. Lara finds herself drawn to Cyprus, where she discovers a world full of secrets and intrigue. With its vivid setting and fascinating characters, Through the Fire is sure to take you on an unforgettable journey.

If you're looking for a summer read that will transport you to sun-kissed beaches and ancient ruins, then look no further than these top books about Cyprus. From historical fiction to contemporary romances, these books will have you dreaming of blue skies and warm Mediterranean nights.

So whether you're planning a trip to Cyprus or just want to armchair travel to this beautiful island, be sure to add these titles to your reading list.

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